Rubber Flooring

Rubber floor tiles and sheet rubber flooring are some of the hardest wearing flooring finishes available, but provide an unequalled level of softness and impact absorbency at the same time. It’s resistant to fading, cigarette burns and damage, and its vulcanised surface ensures that it’s virtually impossible to wear through.

Our rubber flooring is environmentally friendly in both its manufacture and recyclability. Our flooring is available as tiles or sheet and as you might expect, it’s very flexible indeed, and can be used in an infinite number of ways where no other floor finish can.

Domestic– Indoor, Outdoor, Sports & Industrial Flooring

Are you are looking for flooring in a domestic, industrial or commercial installation. We, the Rubber Flooring Company will be able to cater to your every need. We stock all of the popular and stylish rubber floor coverings for bathrooms and kitchens. If you require flooring for a larger project then get in touch and we will be able to advise you on our wide range of sheet flooring and tiles.


Beautiful, tactile, flexible, warm and soft, In addition to our massive standard ranges most of our products are available in an infinite palette of richly saturated custom colours made especially for you subject to minimum quantity.

It insulates, absorbs noise and resists both water and burns. It is slip resistant, supple, tough, practical, hygienic and has less environmental impact than most of it’s competitor products.


Designed for outdoor use around swimming pools, on balconies and roof gardens, decks, terraces, paths and walkways. Rubber Tiles feel soft, warm and comfortable, even under bare feet. Their high-recycled rubber content makes them an environmentally friendly choice. They are loose-laid with invisible interconnecting joints and provide a selfdraining and safe walking surface that absorbs impact and sound.

Tiles are UV stabilised, 100% recycled rubber fibre bound with coloured polyurethane resin in natural earthy tones,an EPDM top surface to create a terrazzo pattern, that blend with the environment.


Ranges are of soft yet durable roll form rubber suitable for sports installations, all with exceptional sound and impact absorbing qualities. Each range comes in a selection of colorways and thicknesses.